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JOURNEY… the final few days

Shaw Brown T20 Cricket
November 29, 2022
Afrikaans Support Centre
December 2, 2022
Shaw Brown T20 Cricket
November 29, 2022
Afrikaans Support Centre
December 2, 2022

JOURNEY… the final few days

The second week of this year’s John Jones Fish River Journey is complete. In the past week, we have seen another
two groups go through their cycling legs, there is the Rest & Create, all groups have taken part in the Solo experience
and 4 out of the 5 groups have a challenging section of their programme consisting of 5 hikes.

The area in which we passed through last week is also incredibly beautiful and remote. You find yourself distracted
by the landscape which can help while you hike. If the previous hikes were tough due to the terrain, these hikes
are challenging due to sudden and sometimes drastic changes in the elements. Some days start in cold or wet
conditions and by the end of the day, it has changed to sweltering heat.

As mentioned, all pupils have taken part in the Solo activity. Solo is a special part of Journey as it requires everyone
to spend time with themselves, which in today’s connected world and the lives of teenagers is a rarity. As you can
imagine this can seem quite daunting for some but the following morning when they come back to camp, there is
an overwhelming feeling that the exercise was rewarding and enjoyable. In particular, pupils mentioned that they
just never thought they could be in their own space for that length of time.

Michelle Mason and her team have once again organised fun and creative days this year, Rest & Create days comprise
of a potjie competition and a group banner with a unique logo that the pupils decide on. The other side to the day is
obviously to give the group an opportunity to recuperate after the hiking or cycling legs they would’ve just finished.
The groups created some tasty potjies which they enjoyed together, and the banners look fantastic. These banners
will later be used by them as they finish journey at the Fish River mouth.

Our final section of the John Jones Fish River Journey sees us move closer to Makhanda but then veer east before
heading to the mouth of the Fish. All the groups are moving along strongly and now find themselves stuck with
trying to find ways of how to slow down the days and prolong the experience. To quote one of the students I had
a conversation with around Journey, she said: “Sir I’m not quite sure what it is but I can feel Journey has changed
something inside me”.

Ryan Dewey
John Jones Fish River Journey Co-ordinator