2022 final Senior Open Concert - St Andrew's College

2022 final Senior Open Concert

St Andrew’s Academy end of year function
Nov 17, 2022
Old Andrean Tide
Nov 21, 2022

2022 final Senior Open Concert

The Music Department hosted their last Senior Open Concert of the year on Wednesday evening. As most grades are away or writing examinations it has been a concert where mostly Grade 8 and 9’s have performed.

The program opened with the String Orchestra performing an intense and very rhythmic piece. Hats off to this ensemble who has had rehearsals right up until this week! The audience was then treated to an original and very beautiful composition by David Ball.

Heartfelt thanks to the following boys, too, who had the courage to make themselves vulnerable by performing in public:

Johnny Davies, Alastair de Kock and Digby Simpson (piano)
Jean de Villiers (French horn) and David Chorley (Trumpet)
Aidan Flanagan (guitar)
Louis Nchindo (flute)

Your gift of music was received by everybody who attended.