Individual Shooting Championships - St Andrew's College

Individual Shooting Championships

Heads of School for 2023
Oct 14, 2022
South African National Air Rifle Championships
Oct 14, 2022

Individual Shooting Championships

The Individual Shooting Championships for the WGN Lightfoot Tankard and the Jock Hobson Tankard was shot on Saturday of Balloon Week.

Both the Air Rifle competitions were held as Olympic Finals. In the Air Rifle competitions, a series of elimination rounds of single shots were fired by the finalists and scored with a metric gauge. It was a tight final.

The Parents’ Match had seven pairs competing against each other. It is always refreshing to watch the inter-relationship between father/mother and son as the son coaches the parent in this event. The honours were scooped up by Cole Wavamunno and Mr Jonny Mallett (in loco parentis).

Mrs Ronel Campbell, mother of Shooting Captain Kevin Campbell, presented the prizes.

Trophy winners:
The Lightfoot Tankard was awarded to Kevin Campbell, with Alexander Rocher the runner-up.
The Jock Hobson Tankard was awarded to Cole Wavamunno, with Oliver Hutton the runner-up.
The Parent and Sons Spoon to Mr Mallett and Cole Wavamunno. Cole was also awarded the Floating Trophy for
the most Improved Shooter.

At the conclusion of the competition, Kevin presented a basket of flowers to his Mother. My thanks are due to the Shooting Specialists, to Mrs Stadler
(statistician); to Mr Alexander Gess (OA) who was the Range Officer for the Final; and to Bohlale Nzuza (Range Orderly) for the work done to ensure that the Championship went ahead smoothly and successfully.