Phenomenal Football season - St Andrew's College

Phenomenal Football season

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Sep 29, 2022
CEMA Awards
Sep 30, 2022

Phenomenal Football season

There was a great sense of anticipation and excitement during the final weekend of football for 2022.

The St Andrew’s College Heritage Day Football Celebration was a great success with some outstanding performances. Highlights of the day included the hard-fought U15A victory over Victoria Park, an inspiring win which saw Matthew Ladds leading in both captaincy and performance by taking a brilliant penalty and scoring the winning goal in the last minutes of a highly competitive match.  The 1st XI put up a brilliant performance by beating a talented Strelitzia High School team 5-2 and ended the day off with a 1-1 draw versus a Victoria Park 1st team who were desperate for some redemption.

As a phenomenal season comes to an end, the Football Club would like to make some special awards.

Team Certificates are awarded to the following boys.

  • Khunga Mnqokoyi
  • Mkhanyisi Mangena
  • James Grundlingh
  • Matthew Froneman
  • Patrick O’Connell
  • Luke Freimond
  • Thomas Preston

It gives the St Andrew’s College Football Club great pleasure to award Football Colours to the following boys.

  • Mila Mzamane
  • Zan Jonah
  • Jacob Johnson
  • Timothy Isooba
  • Muhammad Moosa

Thank you for everyone who made a special season of football possible.