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Celebrating our Heritage

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Sep 23, 2022
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Sep 23, 2022

Celebrating our Heritage

The word “heritage” is thrown around extremely lightly today with next to none of the people who use it knowing
what it means.

The meaning of the phrase “your heritage” is something that everyone has to know. “your heritage” is the inheritance of your culture, whether your heritage comes from your family, religion, region or country. By being South African, our land is a part of our heritage, and by living in this beautiful country, we have inherited the ability to be able to feel the grass of our land under our feet, to feel the fruit in our hands that was grown within our country and to admire the vegetation that was birthed by this land.

This year our school will use the colour green to represent our heritage. Green is a part of all of our heritages, the colour green in various countries’ flags around Africa, such as Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, is a symbol of the land’s fertility, vegetation and the beauty of their landscapes.

Although the inheritance of our nation’s solid ground is something that we can and must celebrate, we cannot neglect the responsibility of protecting our country’s natural beauty, we must keep our country green, otherwise, there will be no more land for our future generations to inherit, and our land will no longer be a part of our heritage.

I hope that we can all see that the colour green is of great importance to the heritage of everyone sitting in this hall.

Myles Boden
Environmental Issues Portfolio Prefect