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Rugby Sevens

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Sep 14, 2022
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Sep 14, 2022

Rugby Sevens

The St Andrew’s College Sevens 1st team took part in the Nico Malan First Choice Invitational tournament this past weekend. The players put on a brilliant display of skill playing one of the most attractive styles of play on the day beating Despatch 31- 7 in the first game.

Drifting away from structure in first half of the second game against a very skillful NoordKaap left the team at a 14-0 deficit to climb out of that was just too much, resulting in the only loss for the side 21-19.

The Cup quarter final against the host school Nico Malan was an incredible performance from the team with a clinical 24-0 win.

This gave us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and play another game against Noordkaap who were in outstanding form in the Cup semifinal and were leading 14-0 at half time. The College side capitalised early in the second half to take the score to 14-7 and managed to keep the majority of the game in Noordkaap’s half of the field before going into the last 3 min of the game 14-12 down with a final score of 14-19 to St Andrew’s College, granting them entry into the final against a very formidable Paarl Boys High school that were unbeaten at the festival and previous tournament winners since 2019.

Despite putting together the most cohesive team performances and playing one of the most attractive styles of 7s on the day we were still considered the underdogs against a star-studded Paarl Boys High who scored an unconverted try off their own kickoff in the first 30 seconds of the final.

The College team did not back down from the challenge as they played an almost perfect game, starving the opposition of possession going into half time 12-5 up on the score board and 6-0 up in the penalty count.

College scored and converted in the first minute of the second half to lead 19-5 and continued to starve Paarl Boys of the ball, going on to lead 26-5 before Paarl Boys got the ball back and scored under the poles taking it to 26-12. St Andrew’s managed to keep possession until the end of the game, frustrating the opposition as the score line remained the same, but the penalty count was 12-0 in our favor which was testament to the team’s incredible discipline and making them the well deserved Champions of the festival.

Congratulations to all and please would the team come up to collect their medals.

Aidan Jarvis

Murray Wilson

Daniel Hickey

Matthew Russell

Nick Jones

Nick Lane

Sinjhun Cawse

Joe Bennie

Karabo van Heerden

Nick Hall

Vice-Captain: Sintu Mjali

Captain: Luke Rowley

Thank you to the team and staff for making it possible for me to start Sevens at St Andrew’s College.

Special thanks to Mr Posthumus and Mr King for giving up their time, energy, efforts and sharing their expertise in the game of sevens.