Ballroom Dancing Workshop - St Andrew's College

Ballroom Dancing Workshop

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Ballroom Dancing Workshop

Ballroom Dancing Armstyling Workshop

The St Andrew’s College and DSG Ballroom Society recently attended an Armstyling Workshop for ballroom students. George Maree, dance instructor from Port Elizabeth and member of the South African Dance Teachers Association (SADTA), was invited to run the workshop, which took place at Kingswood College.

Ballroom dancing teaches creativity, expression, confidence, self-control, etiquette, adaptability, social skills, as well as being a form of exercise and stress release. In ballroom dancing, while your feet need to know the patterns and steps of the dance to be able to flow with the music, hand and arm movements are just as important, enhancing the dance by giving you definition and expression and adding a visual effect.

Ballroom dancing is a useful skill, and although taught at a social level, we also offer annual grading tests, an opportunity for students to receive an internationally recognised diploma. This workshop was arranged in order to prepare our dancers for their dance tests, which take place mid-September 2022.

Well done to St Andrew’s dancers, Timothy Nasasira and Lwandle Pule for participating in the workshop. We look forward to seeing them transform as they remain committed to their dancing.