Ethan John awarded Leadership Honours - St Andrew's College

Ethan John awarded Leadership Honours

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Jun 15, 2022
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Jun 15, 2022

Ethan John awarded Leadership Honours

Ethan Darren Evan John

Ethan John is a courageous and innovative leader.  His exceptional leadership contributions have been evident through his influence in diverse areas of the school, where he has served others generously and with integrity.  In every role that he has played, he has demonstrated hard work, commitment and dependability.

As a Head of House, College Prefect and through his work in the Transformation and Diversity sphere, Ethan has worked tirelessly for good.  He is committed to changing the culture and the structures to facilitate a safe and more accepting environment.  He has courageously and extensively debated issues around necessary changes with his peers, insisting that change is vital, and his persuasive arguments – or his shear passion and determination – have influenced many.  Ethan’s opinions are considered and are driven by his love of this place and his deep care for its students.  His innovative ideas to embrace diversity and promote a more inclusive community have begun to change mindsets and he has left a legacy through many small, but significant changes.

Ethan has contributed to the cultural life of the school through his leadership in diverse activities.  In all his involvements, his exceptional leadership skills have been evident:  he is meticulously organized, he works hard and his actions are considered and his ideas are implemented systematically, with thorough planning.  As Chair of the Speakers Society, Ethan successfully ran ordered meetings and mentored others to grow in their own leadership roles.  He has led by example through participation in the Wind Orchestra, Inter-House Music and Open Mic.  While in the Chapel Choir, Ethan was instrumental in motivating and reminding members to attend practices, as well as helping as necessary behind the scenes. As Chapel Prefect, he has contributed to SCA and has been reliable and proactive in his role. Such snapshots of his contribution do not do justice to the tireless effort and quiet leadership that those who have seen Ethan at work would recognise.

Ethan provides emotional support and guidance through conversations to many in the house as a Chapel Portfolio Prefect and as a mentor and friend. He has been an exemplary Grade 12 mentor, modelling the ideals of the Grade 12 -Grade 8 relationship.  He takes a genuine interest in his mentee, as he demonstrated through regular conversations, watching his U14 team’s sports matches and offering guidance and support through the challenges of his Grade 8 experiences.

Ethan has played a key role in the leadership of the Community Engagement Committee as one of the Portfolio Prefects.  He has led and participated in multiple activities, including sandwich drives, successful Graham House Community Engagement Projects, academic extension and 24/4 Smiley, which he organized in 2021 under difficult circumstances.

As Captain of Swimming, Ethan’s organizational skills, reliability and hard work were again evident. He has also served sport through the First Aid Club with dedication and selflessness.  Ethan epitomizes servant leadership and leads by example in all that he does. He earns the respect of those he interacts with through his carefully considered actions and dependability.

Ethan epitomizes an all-rounder.  However, he has not only participated, but also led in every sphere of College life:  in sport, in culture, in Chapel and in the classroom.   He has been able to plan and run diverse activities while maintaining an excellent academic record in the A Level Stream.

Ethan John has led with courage and dedication and will leave a legacy through the work that he has done to initiate change among his peers and in the systems at College.  He is a most deserving recipient of the prestigious Leadership Honours Award.