Longest standing Chess fixture against Queen's - St Andrew's College

Longest standing Chess fixture against Queen’s

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Jun 6, 2022
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Longest standing Chess fixture against Queen’s

The Chess club travelled to Queenstown to participate in the annual derby fixture. The Queen’s College fixture is the longest standing fixture for the club and a much anticipated one.

This is traditionally a very tough fixture for the Chess club. The games got underway with a turnaround back rank victory for St Andrew’s on board four, followed by a comfortable win for the side on board two which was contrasted by a hard-won comeback for board five which ground out a victory. This effectively sealed the result.

Board one confidently bested their opponents but board three went down after a promising start. All tallied St Andrew’s College won the fixture four points to one, the first derby victory in over ten years for the club.

Well done to all the chess players.