College debated against Cambridge High School - St Andrew's College

College debated against Cambridge High School

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May 23, 2022
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College debated against Cambridge High School

St Andrews College debated against Cambridge High School in East London this past weekend.

Our senior team with Alex Hutton, Aiden Wood, and Elijah Sejjaaka in proposition went up against Cambridge A in Opposition, on the motion: This house believes that transgender athletes should not be allowed to participate in elite female competitive sports. Proposition argued that competition is compromised in status quo, and this generates public backlash which harms the trans-community. Moreover, proposition went on to prove that their alternative system in which trans individuals compete in a separate division still allows for trans visibility.

Cambridge rebutted the proposed system by showing it may be discriminatory and they presented a counter-solution to current unfair advantages, i.e. requirements on hormone levels to be consistent across players in the women’s division.

The debate, with careful deliberation, was awarded unanimously to side proposition (SAC).

In the junior division, Fifi Khohliso, Jiyana Ncapai and Seth Mushambavanhu were in opposition against the motion This house believes that “cancel culture” is a long overdue way of speaking truth to power. Proposition argued that conventional avenues of recourse against abuses of power are ineffective in providing justice to victims and secondly attempted to explain why cancel culture holds perpetrators in positions of power accountable.

Opposition (SAC) explained why cancel culture is an illegitimate means of meting out justice, firstly because it is discriminant in how it selects who to punish and secondly, because it is disproportionate in its application of punishment.

This debate was awarded on a 2-1 split to Proposition. This was a close loss for SAC juniors. I am proud of the boys for the progress they have made since the beginning of the year.

Well done to all the debaters!

Ms Minya