Music Festival 2022 Gala Concert - St Andrew's College

Music Festival 2022 Gala Concert

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May 20, 2022
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May 23, 2022

Music Festival 2022 Gala Concert

After two years of the Performing Arts at schools being hampered by the COVID pandemic, the St Andrew’s College and The Diocesan School for Girls Music Festival returned with vigour. Some doubt about the possible lack of entries after a period of “silence” was soon removed as the music teachers of Makhanda and further afield showed their eagerness to make use of this platform to have their young musicians perform for a live audience again. 70 soloists, 10 choirs and
11 ensembles stunned audiences during the festival, which stretched over four days.

The David Wynne Auditorium at DSG and the St Andrew’s College Centenary Hall burst at the seams as participants, parents and members of the Makhanda community flocked to the performances. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Our wonderfully diverse community getting together to share a vast diversity of music genres performed by our schools’ very talented young musicians.

Our wonderful young guest performers of the Grey Junior Concert Band opened the Gala Concert on Thursday 19 May. The evening’s music offerings can very aptly be described by the Italian music term “VIGOROSO”. Our sincere gratitude and congratulations go to every participant and teacher who has shared their talent and music with us during the 2022 Music Festival.

May your passion for music grow and be a part of you forever.

Mr Johan Pretorius
HOD Music