Announcement of the 20th Head of St Andrew's College - St Andrew's College

Announcement of the 20th Head of St Andrew’s College

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Announcement of the 20th Head of St Andrew’s College

The Chairman of Council, Mr Jacko Maree, announced at a special assembly this morning that Mr Tom Hamilton has been appointed as the new Headmaster of St Andrew’s College, commencing 1 January 2023.

Mr Hamilton is well known to the Andrean community, having served as Deputy Headmaster of St Andrew’s College for four years between 1997 and 2001, and having maintained close relationships with many members of the community.

Mr Hamilton’s career in educational management is long and impressive.

Mr Hamilton is a Mathematics teacher by training, he has co-authored three Mathematics textbooks, and he was the Director of Studies at St Alban’s College in the early nineties. He left St Andrew’s College in 2001 to take up the position as Headmaster of St Alban’s College, a position he held for sixteen years. During his tenure, St Alban’s enjoyed a period of strong growth which included a significant increase in pupil numbers. From 2017 to 2020, he was the CEO of the Royal Bafokeng Institute, an organisation of the Royal Bafokeng Nation with the purpose of setting rural children on the path to achieving their full potential. He took up his current position as CEO of the Kyalami Schools Group at the start of 2021 and is currently responsible for the executive oversight of five schools.

Mr Hamilton has extensive experience in governance, staff development, strategic leadership, and diversity and transformation imperatives. He places significant emphasis on academic excellence and has a deep understanding of the educational realities in South Africa.