Work Trophies for Term 1 2022 - St Andrew's College

Work Trophies for Term 1 2022

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Apr 11, 2022
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Apr 12, 2022

Work Trophies for Term 1 2022

Congratulations to the following tutor groups for winning the Work Trophies in the Easter Term 2022. These are calculated by aggregating all the application marks for each tutor group.


The Grade 8s produced some very encouraging application marks across the board. The Work Trophy went down to the wire between Armstrong and Graham House, with GRAHAM HOUSE taking the honours this term by a fraction of a point. Well done to Alex Jonckheer of Armstrong House and Zuko Mdodana of Upper House, who were the top scoring Grade 8s.


After spending two terms in the possession of Merriman House last year, the Work Trophy was regained by ESPIN HOUSE this term, with Alastair De Kock of Espin top scoring in the grade.


MERRIMAN HOUSE retained the Work Trophy for the fifth term in a row by a fairly narrow margin from Upper House, with Tom Clucas of Merriman and Murray Wilson achieving the tied top scores in the application marks.


ARMSTRONG HOUSE remain ahead of all the other houses by a country mile, winning the trophy for a fifth term in a row. Congratulations to Michael Mulcahy of Upper House on achieving a full house of Rs this term.


The Work Trophy was hotly contested between Armstrong, Graham, and Upper Houses, with GRAHAM HOUSE retaining the trophy by the slenderest of margins this term. Congratulations to Cameron Destro, Ayomideji Israel-Akinbo, Ethan John, and Ishan Panchal, all of whom achieved full houses of Rs for the A Level subjects, and to Antony Baker for top scoring in the IEB Stream.

OVERALL, GRAHAM HOUSE retained the trophy for the ninth time in the last 10 terms, narrowly ahead of Armstrong and Upper Houses.

The following pupils accepted the Work Trophies on behalf of their tutor groups:

Grade 8: Ethan Hayes (Graham House)

Grade 9: Alastair De Kock (Espin House)

Grade 10: Tom Clucas (Merriman House)

Grade 11: Reece Mwami (Armstrong House)

Grade 12: Ethan John (Graham House)