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Copernican Society – The Beauty of Diversity

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Mar 18, 2022
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Mar 18, 2022

Copernican Society – The Beauty of Diversity

I recently took part in the Copernican Society and was asked to write a reflection on the presentations. As a new member of the Copernican Society, it is only right that I would have nerves and doubts on my first presentation, often worrying if it was enough.

As Anga introduced himself and talked us through Arsenal Football Club and how they represent being a diverse team, I found myself too intrigued and enlightened for my doubts. Anga’s main point was that when we are diverse, we become stronger, as when Arsenal became more of a diverse team, they started playing better and winning more matches. In fact, when Arsenal was at its most diverse, they won the Premier League in 2003, and throughout the years, they have failed to keep that diversity and thus have been falling on the ladder. Anga went a bit further and mentioned that when Arsenal was at its most diverse, so were their fans. People from across the globe, from Asia to Africa, were all united supporting a single club that represented a bit of them.

When Anga was finished with his presentation, we clapped him off, and he sat down with the crowd. Following him would be me. So mustered all the condence I could and started presenting.

For my presentation, I talked about the diversity in music, and instead of choosing a group, I chose to represent a single man – Bob Marley. First, I started addressing who he was and what he achieved. I then made my main conclusion which was that when you come from a different background, you can see things from a different perspective, and therefore act in a different and diverse way. He changed the lives of Africans for the better and helped them even further with
the Bob Marley Foundation.

After my presentation, I sat down and watched as Kumkani would take my place on the stand. He started by mentioning the beauty of diversity in the wild and that if one part of the structure is missing, the whole environment can collapse, making everyone’s job crucial and important. He even referenced this concept in our College lifestyle from Grade 8 right up to the Matrics.

That afternoon we all learned something different from each other as our presentations and our approach on tackling the task was diverse in itself. I’m grateful to Mr Hatches for letting me take part in the club and hope we can do more in the future.

Laza Mntonintshi (Espin Grade 11)