Grade 8 'Newboy' Induction - St Andrew's College

Grade 8 ‘Newboy’ Induction

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Feb 4, 2022
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Feb 4, 2022

Grade 8 ‘Newboy’ Induction

The Newboy Induction ceremony took place in the St Andrew’s College Chapel and Antony Clark Andrean Resource Centre this week. The Espin, Armstrong and Upper House Newboys ceremony took place on Monday and Graham, Merriman and Mullins on Tuesday.

The Student Affairs portfolio prefects delivered a presentation on what it means to be an Andrean. In the presentation, the analogy of the building of College’s reputation being like a relay race where each new intake gets to carry the baton for a full five years was put forward.

The presentation looked at four Old Andreans who personified the Andrean Characteristics of Service, Humility, Overcoming Difficulties, and making the most of

The core idea of the presentation was to give the Newboys an inspirational and emotive look at the race that has already been run by those who have come before them and instill in them a feeling of responsibility around the race ahead.

Rev Rich spoke to the boys about how each part of the body is unique and valued, but only with all the parts will the body be complete. The boys then wrote down on a card their unique skill or talent that they were committing to College, and they laid these on the Altar in a moving and thoughtful ceremony led by the Chaplain. These envelopes will be given back to the boys when they do their solo on the Fish River Journey in Grade 10.

The Newboys officially signed their names, so meticulously inscribed by Mrs Pepe Morton, in the leather-bound register. After the induction ceremony into St Andrew’s College, the boys left the ARC and were greeted by Housemasters, Tutors and Prefects, no longer as Newboys but rather as new Andreans. When these boys leave St Andrew’s in 2026 they will once again sign the register signifying their full circle journey into the next phase of their Andrean journey as Old