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Celebrating Honorary Old Andreans

Pupils return to College after 21-day Fish River Journey
November 30, 2021
Long Standing Service Awards
December 1, 2021
Pupils return to College after 21-day Fish River Journey
November 30, 2021
Long Standing Service Awards
December 1, 2021

Celebrating Honorary Old Andreans

Honorary Old Andrean status is awarded to College staff who have made a significant contribution to the school over a long period of time. In the past, this has only applied to staff formally employed by College. Recently, the Old Andrean General Committee has sought to rectify this by acknowledging contract staff who, although not officially employed by the school, have been extraordinary, dedicated servants of the school for many years. We are therefore honoured today, on St Andrew’s Day, to be able to acknowledge the contribution to College of an unprecedented 13 outstanding individuals by making them Honorary Old Andreans. They represent almost every sphere of our great school and each of them has consistently gone the extra mile and profoundly changed the lives of generations of Andreans.

 Mrs Margie Keeton (Council, 2009 to 2021)

Margie attended DSG for three years, matriculating in 1976 and staying on for a post matric year in 1977. It was at College that she learnt she really could do maths.  After obtaining 6 ‘A’s in matric, she majored in Maths at university (coming top of her class in 3rd year).  Margie attributes her exceptional academic success, which culminated in her being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, to the fact that she was taught by exceptional College masters, several of whom she remembers with great affection and gratitude.

Margie served on the St Andrew’s College Council from 2009 to 2021, during which time she was also the Chairman of the DSG Council.  She was a committed and extremely active member of both bodies, and her passion for the welfare of both schools is evident. Her unique insight into both schools facilitated many areas of discussion which were of benefit to both schools.

Margie’s life-long passion for the provision of quality education in South Africa has resulted in her close association with many educational institutions country-wide and she was able to share her extensive insight and experiences of academic rigour and best practice with the College staff and Council members.  Her contributions on the College Council were often about supporting every boy to master maths, and she worked throughout her career to encourage schools across the country to make maths accessible for all.

Margie’s involvement as a trustee of the Epoch and Optima Trusts (which focus on funding excellence in mathematics in South African schools) ensured the creation of the College Maths Centre. In addition, the Trust has supported, and continues to support, numerous teacher interns at College.

Margie’s husband and son are both Old Andreans, and there is no doubt that her blood runs blue.

Mr Andrew Renard (English Teacher & HOD, Deputy Housemaster, 2007 to present)

Mr Andrew Renard joined St. Andrew’s College as Head of English in 2007.

He had previously taught at Alexander Road High School, where he had been since 1987. Prior to his time here, Andrew had been Chief Examiner of the English Olympiad and had co-authored two English text books. He had also served as Chairman of the East Cape Branch of the South African Council for English Education.

During his time at St Andrew’s College, besides running the English department, he has been a deputy housemaster, tutor, proof-reader, IEB marker and teacher of English (for IEB, A-level and AP syllabuses). His love of poetry saw him run the Cornish Society for many years.

Andrew is passionate about the English language and its teaching. He makes every effort to know the pupils who he teaches and they, in turn, respond to him because they feel safe and valued in his classes.

Andrew’s wry sense of humour and kind nature have been a fixture of the Norton teaching block for 15 years and for many Andreans and colleagues, past and present, he is synonymous with English at College.

We hope that his induction as an Honorary Old Andrean will result in him visiting us regularly in the years to come.

Sr Heidi Scheepers (San Sister, 2006 to present)

Sister Heidi Scheepers started working at St Andrew’s College in May 2006 as San Sister and was promoted to Sister in charge of the San in 2018.  Heidi has consistently done far more than was required of her in the level of care that she has provided to countless boys, but also in her involvement beyond the San.

She has ably run and promoted First Aid and has been a champion of the First Aid Club, raising the profile of the club and ensuring that excellent care is provided at all sports functions. She even helped out as a group leader on Journey at short notice one year and she has always been willing to step in and help those in need.

Sr Heidi shows deep concern and care for all those who cross her path and it is an honour to induct her as an Honorary Old Andrean today.

Mr Zola Matomela (Grounds, 2006 to present)

Mr Zola Matomela has been employed at St Andrews College in the Grounds Department since February 2006. Zola is in charge of the St Aidans, Crawhall and Baxter cricket pitches, the Bedford cricket nets, and the maintenance of the concrete nets. He is an exceptionally dedicated employee who takes great pride in whatever he does.

Outside of his work, Zola is an avid and passionate Kaizer Chiefs supporter and a regular member of the Staff Soccer Team.

Zola is a polite, respectful and pleasant man and Mr Roger Wilkinson describes him as a great pleasure to work with. We are proud to be able to award him Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mr Ayanda Skoti (Maintenance, Pools, 2006 to present)

Mr Ayanda Skoti joined the St Andrew’s College Repairs and Maintenance Department in 2006 as a general worker. In 2009, in recognition of his outstanding work maintaining the pool areas, he was promoted to look after the Swimming Pools at both College and Prep: a responsibility he still fulfils with commitment and pride. On top of this, he continues to help out with maintenance around the school campus.

Ayanda is a familiar face around the pools, and on weekends he regularly arrives early to help set up the pool when there are Water Polo fixtures.

His outstanding work ethic and his dedication to College make him a fitting recipient of Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mrs Eunice Nomvuyo Mpepho (Cleaner in the San, 2004 to present)

Mrs Eunice Nomvuyo Mpepho started working at St Andrew’s College in 2004 under the supervision of Mr Les Mallett as a cleaner in the Library, and she has since moved to a position as a cleaner in the Sanatorium.

She has managed to raise and educate her kids up until they matriculated and her last born is completing her final year at Rhodes University.

She has always been a popular and respected employee and colleague and we are delighted to welcome her as an Honorary Old Andrean.

Mrs Sindiswa Gloria Tawule (Cleaner in Armstrong House – 2001 to present)

Mrs Sindiswa Gloria Tawule started working at St Andrew’s College in 2001 as a cleaner under the supervision of Mr Les Mallett. She has worked for several cleaning companies since then, most recently as part of the Red Alert team.

Gloria has always loved working with kids and she has become an integral part of the Armstrong House family over the past two decades.

She is proud to have been able to raise her kids up until they matriculated and she recently sent her baby boy to initiation school.

Gloria is a wonderful and dedicated member of staff and a welcome recipient of Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mr Makhaya Eric Zonke (Driver – DSG 1999 to present)

Mr Makhaya Eric Zonke was born and grew up on the farm Beggars Bush in the Manley Flats district outside Grahamstown.

He started his career at the Family of Schools in 1999, initially in the DSG Maintenance Department as the store manager and as the full-time welder. It is here that he acquired his Professional Driver’s Licence, progressing from a part-time driver to a full-time driver as maintenance duties decreased through outsourcing and school transport demands at the three schools increased.

Eric is a calm and reliable character who has insured the safe transportation of hundreds of pupils and staff over the years, covering a myriad of activities from school tours as far afield a Namibia to the epic 21-day John Johns Fish River Journey.

As such it is only natural that his exceptional dedication be recognised by the award of Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mr Lindile Patnut Sololo (started 1998 – cleaner in Upper House)

Mr Lindile Sololo, also known as Bra Pat, started working at St Andrew’s College in 1998 under the supervision of Mr Les Mallett to raise and educate his kids. He was the first male cleaner employed by St Andrew’s College, because the ladies complained to Mr Mallett about machinery that was too heavy for them to carry!

He has been a part of Upper House since 1998 as a cleaner and as a general bathroom’s manager. He is a much-loved member of the Upper and College communities and a welcome addition to the Old Andrean Club.

Mrs Judy Timbe (Cleaner in the Admin Block, 1997 to present)

Mrs Judy Timbe started working at St Andrew’s College in January 1997 as a 20 year old. She has worked in the Administration Office as a cleaner for the past 25 years, initially as a College employee and then under different cleaning companies, most recently Red Alert.

Judy managed to build her home and raise her daughter up until she finished Grade 12. She also got married and was blessed with another beautiful daughter while working at College.

Judy is much loved and respected by all in the Admin block, and she is a very deserving recipient of Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mrs Linda Vuso (Cleaner in Upper House, 1988 to 1992, 1997 to present)

Mrs Linda Vuso started working at St Andrew’s College in June 1988 as a casual, replacing her mother who was on sick leave at the time. She was made permanent later that year and worked at College until 1992 when she was retrenched. In 1997 she received a call from Mr Les Mallett inviting her to come back to College as a cleaner in Upper House. Linda has been working in Upper House from 1997 and she still does today.

Linda has managed to raise and educated her kids up until they matriculated and one of her kids is doing his final year at Rhodes University this year. She has also managed to build her own house after St Andrew’s loaned employees the capital to buy sites.

Linda is a proud member of Upper House and her many years of dedicated service to hundreds of Andreans makes her a very worthy recipient of Honorary Old Andrean status.

Mr Peter Zingela (Driver, Assistant Transport Manager, DSG 1985 to present)

Born and bred in Makhanda / Grahamstown, Mr Peter Zingela started working for the family of schools at DSG in 1985.

Peter worked in various roles over the years, from the sanatorium to swimming pool maintenance and the school workshop. However, it was the acquisition of his driver’s license in 1988 that led him to the Transport Department as school driver and the important position of Assistant Transport Officer that he fulfills at the moment.

Peter has strong Christian values and he is a well-known character and friend to many across our three schools and the wider Grahamstown community for his pleasant demeanor and his willingness to go the extra mile in any situation.

Becoming an Honorary Old Andrean is a fitting tribute to this community-minded, dedicated man who has given unselfish service to the family of schools over many years.

Mrs Thotyelwa Gladys Khadi (Kitchen, 1980 to 2021)

Mrs Thotyelwa Gladys Khadi was employed in 1980, when she started off in the scullery section at the St Andrews College Kitchen. Over the years was promoted through the ranks after showing her keen interest and skill in cooking. She has worked tirelessly with many a Catering Company in that time and has gained great experience through them all. Gladys has most recently been an employee of Capitol Caterers since 2013 in the cook’s position.

Mama Gladys is the Matriarch of the kitchen as she comes from a wealth of experience, having started from the bottom rung of the working ladder, and she is hugely respected by all.

The St Andrew’s boys have always been well looked after by Gladys’s love for cooking. She has remained the pillar in the St Andrews College Kitchen and embraced all the changes over the years, but she has kept her own skill and passion for food alive in all that she does to keep the boys’ tummies full and happy.

But as her next chapter in life begins, we would like to bid Mama Gladys farewell as she moves on after her 41 incredible years of dedication to feeding the boys, and we wish her a well-deserved rest in her retirement. I am sure you will agree that Gladys is a most deserving recipient of Honorary Old Andrean status.