The Applicant - Final - St Andrew's College

The Applicant – Final

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Nov 26, 2021
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Nov 26, 2021

The Applicant – Final

Congratulations to Tom Clucas from Merriman House, who won the inaugural competition of The Applicant.

The final round of interviews for the Makana Municipal Manager position were held last week Thursday, 18 November. All the applicants prepared exceptionally well for their interviews and responded effectively to some challenging questions. However, Tom impressed the panelists, and staff and boys of St Andrew’s College the most. Apart from his well- articulated responses, his first impressions and attention to the finer details (especially his positive body language and avoidance of slang words) made him a standout.

Tom can be extremely proud of his responses and understanding of public administration and governance. He understands that public governance is an art form. Tom placed a significant amount of emphasis on collaboration and diversity when reporting on financial management and the social sciences of Makana Municipality. He is convinced that diversity in thinking and cultural collaborations between all stakeholders is the way forward in Makana and the greater South Africa.

Secondly, Tom’s three pillars on a flourishing municipality was impressive. His focus on water equity and equality, plastic recycling and remodeling and roadworks infrastructure is not only innovative, but realistic and practical. His vision on developing twenty-first-century skills that will help people, especially in the townships, become environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable will have a major impact on reducing poverty and youth unemployment.

Tom believes that citizens need to live in a clean and active community to enjoy the fulness of life. He provided step-by- step solutions for plastic recycling and its impact on youth education, development, and employment.

Well done, Tom. You can be extremely proud of your interview.

Mr Craig Hatches