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Interact – Project Rise

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Nov 12, 2021
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Nov 15, 2021

Interact – Project Rise

On Wednesday, 10 November, The Interact Club’s Project Rise team hosted the last weekly ‘skills lesson’ for the Grade 7s at Oatlands Preparatory School.

As this was their last meeting, the team decided to have a more fun ‘lesson’. The team decided to end the year off with the subject they had the most fun with, Art. The ‘lesson’ was taken by Mrs Norton, who had taught the children how they could design their own tie-dye t-shirts with water-based paints, a bucket, a few rubber bands and a white t-shirt.

They would set up their stations by mixing the primary paint colours to make their desired shades and dissolve them in water. Next, the students would create their own little designs by making tiny knots with the rubber bands and then create their own colour way by brushing the paint and using their creative abilities.

This ‘lesson’ encouraged the kids to express their creative side and have fun designing their shirts using a small amount of resources.

The last Skills lesson was a huge success leaving the kids with their own shirt design as a memorabilia for the fun yet educative year they have had with us. We would like to thank the students for being very dedicated to the programme and Oatlands Preparatory School for allowing us to have productive sessions with the children. We hope that this relationship can build as the years go by.

Finally, we would like to give a huge thank you to the members of the Project Rise logistics team, Mrs Goodier and all of the teachers that helped with sessions for running a successful 2021 year for Project Rise.