John Jones Fish River Journey - St Andrew's College

John Jones Fish River Journey

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Nov 8, 2021
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John Jones Fish River Journey

The St Andrew’s and DSG Grade 10s left for the John Jones Fish River Journey earlier this morning, on a hot summer’s day.
The Journey begins at the source of the Fish River and ends at the mouth of the river. This 21-day trip will give our boys an opportunity to explore the true beauty of the Eastern Cape on foot, by canoe, and by cycle.

Day 1 of Journey went well, with all the groups getting to their starting points in good shape. We left Makhanda on a beautiful morning, and the weather last night was beautiful, albeit quite chilly in the early hours. Today is another stunning day, and all the groups have made a good start. Group 2 left camp at 05h00 and summit red the Nardousberg at around 11h30. They will be heading down to Petrusdal once they have taken in the beautiful 360-degree views from the top.
Group 3 spent the night at Spring Grove and headed over the mountain to Excelsior this morning.

Group 5 have summited the Nadousberg from the opposite direction and will be making their way down to Brinksdal, where they will camp.

Group 1 had a relatively straightforward hike from Excelsior to the base of the Nadousberg, from where they will leave early tomorrow morning to summit in good time.

Group 4 is north of Cradock, where they are hiking into the Karoo River Rafters campsite. They will stay before spending tomorrow on the river riding rapids in two man inflatable canoes.

The weather is looking good for the next few days. There has been some rain in the Karoo, so things tend to have a green tinge, but for the most part, the drought is far from broken, and water continues to be a real challenge.

Mr Ryan Dewey and Mr Pete Andrew