Handover of Gifts to Kings delegates - St Andrew's College

Handover of Gifts to Kings delegates

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Oct 14, 2021
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Handover of Gifts to Kings delegates

Following our Speech Day proceedings, gifts of blankets were handed to His Majesty King Vululwandle Sandile’s delegation in the Thomas Mapikela Debating Chamber.

These blankets, placed on a traditional mat, an ukhukhu, are symbolic of St Andrew’s College welcoming the royal house of the Rharhabe Kingdom into our community and conveys the following message: May you, wherever you go, be covered in a blanket of warmth, love, protection and understanding.

The delegation was then treated to some tea and coffee before His Majesty took the salute at the Retreat Ceremony.

His Majesty King Vululwandle Sandile of the Rharhabe Kingdom’s delegation included: Nkosi Maqoma, Nkosi Mavuso, Nkosi Hebe, Prince Burns Ncamashe, Prince Tyali, Prince Sandile and Prince Jongolo.