Stuart Christie - Honours for Service to Culture - St Andrew's College

Stuart Christie – Honours for Service to Culture

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Oct 6, 2021
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Oct 13, 2021

Stuart Christie – Honours for Service to Culture

Congratulations to Stuart Christie who has been awarded Honours for Service to Culture.
Stuart has been involved in diverse activities throughout his time at College and has served broadly and deeply to make a significant impact on the cultural life of the school.

Stuart has been on the stage at almost every cultural event that has happened in recent years and has been involved in the organization of many of them.  He is willing to take on any cultural project and has often been called on to perform at Youth Day celebrations, conferences, exhibitions and other school events, which he does willingly and generously.  He also does not see unglamorous tasks as beneath him and is happy to set up for concerts and events, carry equipment and work behind the scenes.

Stuart has been awarded Colours for Chapel and Chamber Choir, and for Music, validating him as a talented and dedicated performer.  However, his commitment to these activities extends beyond these awards to exemplary service:  he initiated and organized the Over the Rainbow concert, arranging the music for this event, and has run Open Mic Nights for 3 years.

Stuart has involved himself in Interact, Round Square, Environmental Sustainability, Speakers, the DSG play festival and the organization of Youth Day this year.  He was also involved in organizing the Round Square Conference held at College in 2019.  He holds a Merit Award for Community Engagement and has made a significant contribution to the community in initiating and driving the Stand for 30 Project and serving as the secretary of the Interact Club.

Stuart’s involvement in the Transformation and Diversity Committee has been passionate and significant. He has not shied away from tackling controversial issues and he brought a critical heart and mind to some tough discussions, both in the public and private arena. As in other spheres, Stuart also served this portfolio from behind the scenes and his willingness to contribute on a philosophical, but also a practical level was appreciated by the Committee.

Stuart has set an example of enthusiastic participation, reliability, willingness to serve, and initiative.  Through his extensive involvement and committed service, he has raised the profile of culture at College and made the tapestry of this place richer for the threads that he has woven into it.

Stuart is a most deserving recipient of the award of the prestigious CEMA Honours for Service to Culture.

Report by Mrs Kate Cobbing