Humphrey H Hubert Adventure Week 1 - St Andrew's College

Humphrey H Hubert Adventure Week 1

Community Engagement veggie garden
Sep 3, 2021
Buffalo City Chess trials
Sep 3, 2021

Humphrey H Hubert Adventure Week 1

Mrs Vuyokazi Jamieson, Librarian at the Cawse Library at St Andrew’s College, was selected for the prestigious Humphrey H. Hubert Fellowship Programme in the Unites States from August 2021 to June 2022.

Below is an update from Mrs Jamieson: Humphrey H Hubert Adventure – Week 1

I still find it strange that a girl from a small rural village is not defined by where she comes from. The world awaits good gifts if one chooses to discover and
experience them. Courage is about doing things you are afraid to do, and this week I have had to let go of fears and choose to let my new chapter in the United
States write itself. On 16 August, I arrived at Penn State and dived right into Orientation Week.

Community host families form a big part of the programme. My Host family was my first point of contact in the United States – from our meeting at the
airport to a host of activities, this is an excellent way of being introduced to American culture.

The first week, we hit the ground running – we engaged in activities like learning about our environment and dinner dates with our host families. We also enjoyed a community host potluck dinner where our community hosts cook for, and we all came together for a great evening of introductions.

We had a day of hiking Stone Valley and made lots of exciting discoveries along the way.

A “Scavenger Hunt” was a fun way to end our week. Five members in each team had to work together to find the required clues. These were iconic places around
the University and downtown. My ‘Team Blue’ won the hunt thanks to our amazing host families, who served as a great resource to call upon during the hunt.

This week we are faced with the mammoth task of matching our Individual Programme Plans to the lectures we choose. It is a full week of trying out classes
and deciding which ones to choose. I am grateful to St Andrew’s College for supporting me to embark on such a great programme.

I look forward to a year of personal and professional growth.

Vuyokazi Jamieson