Jazz Ensemble at Festival - St Andrew's College

Jazz Ensemble at Festival

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Jul 16, 2021
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Jul 23, 2021

Jazz Ensemble at Festival

We are very proud of the fact that the St Andrew’s College and DSG Jazz Ensemble features as part of the schools’ showcase in the Standard Bank Jazz Festival 2021. The recordings were done just before half term, and are both originals. The first, Cirrus, is an expansive musical evocation of the high-altitude wispy clouds that are a frequent feature of the Eastern Cape skyscape.

Ensemble passages, sometimes lyrical and meditative, sometimes punchy and rhythmical, alternate with solos and collective improvisation. Stuart Christie (piano), Aidan Reynolds (flute) and Sive Sogoni (trumpet) provide suitably contemplative solos.

The second piece, Eruption Imminent, based on a repeated riff, is raunchy and high-energy all the way. All the horns contribute solos, with Aidan wailing on alto sax this time.

The performance consists of:

Mr Rick van Heerden on tenor saxophone
Mr Chris Thorpe on drum kit
Stuart Christie on piano
Aidan Reynolds on flute and alto saxophone
Sive Sogoni on trumpet
Lily Bowker on bass guitar
Tyler Wratten on electric guitar
Yolo Sogoni on alto saxophone
Tristan Gwavu on alto saxophone

The performance is available to view free of charge on the link below, until 31 July.