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Interview Skills Course

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Jul 16, 2021
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Jul 16, 2021

Interview Skills Course

Since the launch of the Future Focussed Club in last week’s newsletter, a group of boys signed up to do the Interview Skills Course.

During the first week of the course, the boys completed Module 1 which included a self-awareness quiz to evaluate their level of confidence in their interviewing
skills “right now”. The boys also completed an interview scenario questionnaire that allowed them to think about certain interview situations and make decisions about these situations without being in the actual interview. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity as it exposed them to multiple interview situations, and it gave them the opportunity to debate on certain perspectives and challenge responses or answers that they did not necessarily agree with. Further, the interview scenario quiz also assessed their self-awareness, views on interview preparation, passion and understanding of first impressions. At the end of the course
the boys will retake a similar quiz, this will enable them to see how much their confidence has grown in the different skills, and it will assist them to choose their goals for their Personal Development Plan over the next 5 years.

During the second week of the course the boys focussed on Modules 2 and 3, the objectives of the interviewer and research basics, respectively. Module 2 was based on the 6 different types of interviews, from asynchronous interviews to practical assessment interviews, and the 8 primary outcomes of any interviewer, in any institution. The boys found it extremely interesting that nearly all types of interviews have 8 main objectives that the interviewing panel mainly focuses on throughout the entire interviewing process. The research module allowed the boys to discover methods on how to find institutional information as well
as the kind of content and information to research, which ranged from the vision of an institution to its policies. At the end of Module 2 and 3 the boys had to participate in an asynchronous interview based on an internship opportunity at DSG, The Rhodes Scholarship or any other opportunity that they were interested in.

The interview included 4 main questions and the boys had approximately 20 minutes to film and upload their answers. The boys answered the questions extremely well and can be very proud of their efforts up to date. In Module 4 the boys will explore the most common questions in interviews.

Craig Hatches