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Chess vs St John’s College via Chess App

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Jun 12, 2021
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Chess vs St John’s College via Chess App

Close up of chess pieces on board with focus on white knight

Recently the chess club engaged in a fixture against St John’s College. The fixture took place online through the popular chess app

The fixture consisted of a rapid tournament utilizing time controls of ten-minutes-a-side where points were accumulated over as many games as could possibly take place in the allotted tournament time frame among our team’s six players.

Antony Baker came away with a win and a draw resulting in an overall score of 1,5 to 8,5 in favour of the St John’s side.

This was followed by six matches using a longer time control. The team acquitted themselves well against strong opponents and some good chess was played. St John’s College came away winning all of their matches, though Khenkitile Marr and Ben Terry, our number one and two seeds, lost by a very narrow margin which bodes well for future events.

We look forward to more online chess fixtures as the year continues. Well done to all the players that took part in the fixture.