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Interact Club Project Rise: Eco-Bricks Building

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Jun 4, 2021
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Jun 4, 2021

Interact Club Project Rise: Eco-Bricks Building

On 2 June the Project Rise Interact Club leaders together with Mr Grant Mackenzie made their way to Oatlands Preparatory School to teach the Grade 7 children about Eco-Bricks. Mr Mackenzie who is the Housemaster of Armstrong House at St Andrew’s College was the guest speaker of the day.

The session focused around teaching children on how to build their own Eco-Bricks. Mr Mackenzie started off by sharing his passion about the Eco-bricks project that he is involved in.

He was moved by the litter problem around Makhanda. The children were fascinated about the possibility of opportunities around the Eco-Bricks project. Collecting rubbish and creating employment for people of Makhanda through this project is one of Mr Mackenzie’s achievements.

He shared the following information – 1 Eco-brick (compact) = 10 dustbin bags. Some of the aims of the Eco-brick scheme’s are: Cleaning Makhanda Creating employment Building economical houses.

The plan for Oatlands is to build different types of furniture for their classroom corner libraries using Eco-Bricks. Fun was had by all at Oatlands as each child was given an opportunity to make their own Eco-Brick. The children showed their competitive nature throughout the building session. Mr Mackenzie left them with a challenge of filling their plastic bottles up with enough plastic to be able to build their furniture.

They left armed with posters full of information on how to make Eco-Bricks and were challenged to take it home to educate their families and the community.

Thank you to Mr Mackenzie for such a successful session. We look forward to a healthy partnership with him as we continue to engage in the Eco-Bricks project.

Watch the space for more news on Project Rise.

The next session is a Fun Chemistry Practical presented by Mrs Erna Goodier.