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Mar 31, 2021
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Mar 31, 2021

Project Rise

“Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.”
-Paul Klee

Project Rise closed their Term’s programme with a most successful Art session. It was presented by Mrs Norton with the help of Ms Chanelle Staude in our State-of-the-Art Studio at St Andrew’s College.

Ayomide Israel-Akinbo, the founder of Project Rise welcomed the curious children with a brief introduction about the session to come and this was followed by an inspirational personal story by Daniel Bradfield. Daniel is a matric student at St Andrew’s College and his speech revealed his love of Art. He also told the children how Art is a way of expressing one’s inner self and that you actually do not have to be good at Art to do this. It is a form of therapy. These thoughts
encouraged the Grade 7 children to enthusiastically participate in the Art session.

Mrs Norton introduced the children to the colour spectrum enabling them to understand how the different colours work with each other. Much fun was had by all. Thank you to the Project Rise leaders, Ayomideji Israel-Akinbo, John Marshall, Kofi Semane, and Ayomide Israel-Akinbo for such a productive session.

Watch the space for more news on Project Rise!