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Update on the St Andrews DSG Inkunzi Bursary Scheme

Leadership Honours: Ayomide Israel-Akinbo
Mar 25, 2021
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Mar 27, 2021

Update on the St Andrews DSG Inkunzi Bursary Scheme

It is a couple years since we last reported on the Inkunzi Bursary Scheme, and for that we apologise, but you will be glad to know that the quietness did not mean a lack of activity. We are happy to report that since Dale Ramsden spearheaded the initiative back in 2018, we have generated almost R1.25 million through donations and farming those donations through cattle.

To date, we have given support to two Eastern Cape farming pupils at SAC with our third pupil coming on board this year at DSG. This leaves us with about R1m in the kitty, which in theory allows us to run about 100-120 cattle per year with some reserves.

Our donated capital has been put to good work with the generous help of Hobson & Co who assist with sourcing cattle, and of course the heroes of this whole initiative – our local Eastern Cape farmers who give of their land and their time to host our cattle. What an incredible bunch of men and woman with whom we work! As you can imagine, no big fanfare, just quiet and relentless energy to make it happen and produce the results. Amazing. But then again, that’s why the scheme was started in the first place – to make sure salt of the earth people like this are able to send their sons and daughters to our beloved schools.

 The first year was a challenge due to the depths of the drought in which the Eastern Cape found itself in 2019, but our most recent cycle, however, was far more rewarding generating a decent return of just over 20%, so all round, very happy.


The Monastery…

You may have seen in newsletters of the past the good fortune of DSG being given stewardship of the old Monastery just outside Makhanda (Grahamstown). That fortuitous event has brought benefits and results beyond our dreams, not least of which is the fact that it sits on 46Ha of beautiful mountain-side veldt… and veldt needs to be grazed… so Clinton and Penny York, amongst all their other responsibilities at the schools, are now the proud farmers of 16 head of Nguni on behalf of Inkunzi! Not exactly in the original job description, but I have a sneaky suspicion they are loving it. And a fantastic synergy to the Scheme.

An easy way to participate…

Our herd of 100-120 cattle resulted from very generous donations to date, but we have access to grazing for at least double that number, possibly even 300 head. This would translate directly into more bursaries.

We are inviting you to sponsor 1 or 2 calves at a time – R7,000.00 each. We’ll take care of the rest. By spreading our appeal across our entire Andrean-DSG community, we can reach our goal multiple small contributions.

So I invite you to join us in what has become the most fulfilling projects I have worked on in a long time. CLICK HERE for a detailed document on the Scheme to help make your donation.

And when you are down this way, we welcome you to visit the Monastery or a hosting farm, and see how your good donations are being put to work. Or we can just tell you all about it at the Highlander over a drink!

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