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Project Rise

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Mar 15, 2021
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Mar 15, 2021

Project Rise

‘Project Rise” has taken off. Perhaps you are asking yourself what is ‘Project Rise’? According to our Interact Club leader Ayomide Israel-Akinbo, this is a set of workshops that will aim to develop and expose young people to various new skills. The format of ‘Project Rise’ will comprise simple Ted talks and practical talks and demonstrations by knowledgeable presenters.

In his Welcome, on Wednesday the 10th of March, Mr Manthata referenced Ayomide’s speech and highlighted the issues of the 4th Industrial Revolution that ‘Project Rise’ will hopefully address.

The grade 7s of the Oatlands Preparatory School have been chosen to be the first participants of this exciting project. Alex Boulanger led the Introductory session with the Oatlands Grade 7s and challenged them to think about their futures and what they would like to be when they grow up.  This led them to share their dreams of becoming Businesswomen, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Soccer players and many more interesting careers and possibilities for their futures.

The Project Rise leaders are looking forward to the Gardening session and other exciting topics scheduled for the near future. The Oatlands pupils were given a choice to sign up for the Gardening session, and a full session has been subscribed to.

Ayomide also shared his own experiences of being an Old boy of Oatlands Preparatory School. He encouraged the Grade 7s to take every opportunity presented to them and always to remain humble. Ayomide was a head boy at Oatlands Prep.

Thank you to the following young men who worked alongside Ayomide and organized the first ‘Project Rise’ event: Ayomideji Israel-Akinbo, Alexis Boulanger, Ishan Panchal, John Marshall, Kofi Semane and Mfundi Leta.

Watch this space for more fun news on ‘Project Rise’.