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Mar 5, 2021
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Mar 15, 2021

Debating Club

The Debating Club held its second round of Debates this past week.

A new team of Grade 8s was formed and they have given themselves the name of “The Strong Young Boys”. They certainly showed a lot of character and showcased that they were intellectually strong.

For the first debate, The Strong Young Boys went up against the experienced Team Two. The Strong Young Boys were proposing the motion This house regrets the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Their angle towards this debate was that the TRC focused mostly on the average person on the street while leaving out senior government officials and major companies.

Side opposition was clear that the TRC had an objective. That was to reconcile the nation, and that state prosecution had to play their role and identify criminal elements. They cited that there were cases of reconciliation, though it was far and wide, that there were hearings that genuinely created a spirit of forgiveness, that offered closure and a sense that we could move forward as a country.

We, as adjudication, bought into the idea that there were more benefits than harms. That even though the big companies were not made to go through retribution but generally, it gave closure and a spirit of restoration. We gave the debate to the opposing side, and the house did not regret the TRC.

The winners were “Team Two”

Best speaker: Sinjhun Cawse

The second debate was: This house would restrict Freedom of speech to curb the rise in right-wing popularism. This debate was very close. The proposing side looked at how hate-speech had encouraged riots leading to violent acts that endanger society. They argued that Freedom of speech was not a basic right so it could be restricted if it would lead to a greater good.

The opposing side argued that by restricting Freedom of speech, we would become dictators. History has shown that when people feel restricted, they resort to violence as their hate messages will find ways to filter into society whether they like it or not. This would lead to greater dangers for society.

Debating was the 69ers vs Posadists. The adjudication team felt that restricting Freedom of speech would lead to a greater endangerment of society. The argument convinced us that when people feel restricted, they will resort to more violence which would be counter-productive in this effort to curb the rise of extremists.

Winning team: The Posadists

Best speaker Alex Hutton