Inter-House River Mile - St Andrew's College

Inter-House River Mile

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Mar 3, 2021
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Mar 4, 2021

Inter-House River Mile

There is nothing better than a day at the beach, where children can play and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and to make it even more special an annual Inter-House River Mile, where the St Andrew’s College and Prep boys and DSG girls get to compete.

This year proved to be a bit more challenging with the tide not going out as quickly as normal and the wind adding to the already tough swim. However, Oliva Lange of Upper House swam an excellent time of 23min 18s to claim 1st spot, closely followed by Joss Hempel in 2nd Place and Ethan John in 3rd place, both in Graham House.

The Junior Half-Mile was won by Adam Nurse of Upper House, followed closely by Nick Franklin of Armstrong in 2nd Place and Matthew Kruse of Graham in 3rd.

The final House Positions were as follows:

  1. Upper 6 points
  2. Graham 5
  3. Espin 4
  4. Merriman 3
  5. Mullins 2
  6. Armstrong 1


  1. Upper 6
  2. Mullins 5
  3. Merriman 4
  4. Graham 3
  5. Armstrong 2
  6. Espin 1


  1. Upper 12
  2. Graham 8
  3. Mullins 7
  4. Merriman 7
  5. Espin 5
  6. Armstrong 3