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Internal Summer Sport

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Jan 29, 2021
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Feb 2, 2021

Internal Summer Sport

The summer sports season has gained momentum with an increase in boys’ participation in activities on offer. Last Saturday the campus was full of action with
nearly 400 boys playing in internal fixtures.

The XTREME Basketball Challenge Series got o the mark on Saturday with some exciting matches played throughout the morning. The Series involves five junior teams and seven senior teams. All teams are coached by a club coach or teacher. Games are played on the round-robin basis. The “GumSta Bulls” and Sneakers under the guidance of Xolisa, lead the Junior and Senior sections respectively after winning their fixtures on Saturday. The competition is expected to heat up this Saturday with some Championship deciding matches.

The CPL is gaining momentum and continues to be a wonderful nursery for College cricket. The lessons being learnt in the heat of the moment prove to be so much more than just those associated with a cricket match. The opportunity for leadership, mentorship and skills growth across different grades has been soaked up by the boys and been a joy to witness. There is energy in the club, and the camaraderie busy being created will be an asset going forward. The Senior CPL is proving to be an open tournament and should be tight for the full distance. The Junior CPL continues to be dominated by the Jets, and the race will possibly be on to see who meets them in the final.

Rev Richard exposed the cyclists to some intense indoor training this past week and he has planned to get the enthusiastic group on local trails. He will also
guide the cyclists on proper bike handling and skills training. It will not be long before we start seeing our cyclists enter local races once these reopen.

The Rowing Club’s activities have been gathering momentum over the last week with boys finally getting back on the water and training picking up across all the
squads. It is great to see many highly motivated boys wanting to get back into training and towards a high level of fitness to prepare them for whatever might
come their way! The junior age groups have also been going well. They have benefitted from some extra land training and one-on-one coaching to prepare for the long-anticipated return to the water. Next week we will hold an Inter-House Indoor Rowing event which is always an exciting spectacle with some of the best
athletes from around the school putting themselves to the test against experienced rowers.

College Tennis has taken a page out of the cricket book and will start the Grand Slam League for all tennis players this term. Four teams, consisting of seniors and juniors, managed by a staff member, and captained by a current 1st Team player, will do battle every week. Matches will be timed, and log points awarded for each match won. The league will start next Friday, 5 February, will last for five weeks, culminating in playoffs and a final.

The College Water Polo Club is back in action and internal matches and trials have taken place for the various teams. We have over 100 boys signed up in the various age groups, which is excellent for College Polo. I am very excited about the depth in the senior age groups, where we will be able to field five competitive
teams. We have planned for various scenarios; we will remain patient and keep ourselves ready to play in the Inter-Schools fixtures once the conditions improve.

Patrick Gumunyu
Director of Sports