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News from Cawse Library

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Nov 23, 2020
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Nov 27, 2020

News from Cawse Library

The Inter-house Reading competition has been won by Mullins House. This result is based on reading and reviews done over the last two terms. A special word of congratulations must go to Laurie Apps of Graham House for contributing the most individual reviews.

We have also created two new library awards.

The Pro Libris Trophies are awarded in memory of Mrs Meg Williams and have been donated by her son, David. Were it not for the COVID pandemic, Mr Williams would have travelled to College to present them himself.

Mrs Meg Williams was an honorary member of the Cawse Library and formed a book club called “Meg’s book club” to promote an interest in reading. She loved to read and was challenged to explore new genres and ideas through her reading and interaction with the incredible boys and staff in the Cawse Library. She encouraged boys to explore new worlds through literature and always hoped that College boys would encourage each other to read. Mr David Williams is delighted that her legacy will live on through these awards.

The criteria for the Pro Libris trophies are:

  • Regularly reading and reviewing books
  • Consistently being involved in library activities
  • Offering innovative ideas to encourage responsible library use

and most importantly

  • Promoting reading in the wider community

The Junior Pro Libris Trophy goes to:  Laurie Apps

The Senior Pro Libris Trophy is shared by:

Africa Matshingana, Jacob Erasmus and Ayomide Israel-Akinbo