Work Trophies for Trinity Term 2020 - St Andrew's College

Work Trophies for Trinity Term 2020

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Aug 4, 2020
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Work Trophies for Trinity Term 2020

Congratulations to the following Tutor Groups for winning the Work Trophies in the Trinity Term 2020. These are calculated by aggregating all the Application Marks for each Tutor Group.

Grade 8: Well done to the GRAHAM HOUSE Grade 8s for retaining the Work Trophy. That is term two out of 14. Keep going strong.  Gareth Johnstone (Mu) is the top scorer in Grade 8.

Grade 9: Graham House won the trophy every term last year, with Merriman House Grade 9s winning it last term. UPPER HOUSE have really made an effort and won the trophy quite convincingly this term.  Sinjhun Cawse (A) and Matthew Poole (A) are again tied top scorers.

Grade 10: Mullins have monopolised the trophy for the past three terms, and so it is warm congratulations to ARMSTRONG HOUSE who have wrested it from Mullins. And, with a full House of Rs for their application marks, congratulations to Liam McNaughton (A), Ethan John (G) and Oliva Lange (U).

Grade 11:  GRAHAM HOUSE have retained the trophy, with Upper House in close contention. James Stadler (G) is again the top scorer.

Grade 12: Graham House broke Espin’s five term running streak in the first term this year but there is no denying the Espinites one last emphatic Work Trophy win – by a country mile. Well done, ESPIN HOUSE.

And just to make this Matric group’s ending even stronger there are five boys with a full house of Rs. So, well done to Brady Henghan (E), Michael Stravridis (E), Philip Beynon (G), Haydn John (G), Jordan van der Meulen (Me), Matthew Schaefer (U) and Jonathan Shamwana (U).

The following boys received the Work Trophies on behalf of their Houses:

James Barrow from Graham House in Grade 8

Matthew Gouws from Upper House in Grade 9

Scott Moorcroft from Armstrong House in Grade 10

James Stadler from Graham House in Grade 11

Michael Stravridis from Espin House in Grade 12