Founder's Day Service - St Andrew's College

Founder’s Day Service

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Aug 3, 2020
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Aug 5, 2020

Founder’s Day Service

We remembered our founder, Bishop John Armstrong, in a beautiful Founder’s Day Service which took place in the Chapel at St Andrew’s College on Sunday morning. The school was founded in 1855.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions only the Grade 9s attended the service, along with the Headmaster, Second Master, Housemasters and a few other staff members. It is tradition to enjoy the playing of the bag pipes at this service and Highland Cathedral was enjoyed by all in attendance. Some members of the choir sang and their were some musical performances as well.

A number of boys were awarded their Five Term Ties at the Founder’s Day Service, congratulations to them on their achievement. Five terms is a milestone in a College boy’s life at the school – he is one-third of the way through his career at College.