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Sports Update

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Jul 13, 2020
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Jul 13, 2020

Sports Update

As we navigate our way through this uncertain time, it is really positive to see the level of enthusiasm and resilience displayed by most of our boys. When one
looks at the daily news and reflect on what might have been, it would be easy to sink into a really negative frame of mind. It is amazing how a positive spirit can
draw others in and get everyone in a positive frame of mind. There is no doubt that the boys on campus are doing just this. For those who are embracing the
varied opportunities that are on offer, the experience of being back at school has been a good one. As is typical, our job is seldom to motivate boys to do something physical, it typically involves tempering their enthusiasm and desire to do more. At this time when any physical exercise requires strict supervision
and protocol, the challenge is once again to keep everyone patient and working towards the long-term goal of returning to a normal sporting environment.
The surge in interest in boys wanting to play golf, there were some 50 boys involved last Saturday out at The Belmont Golf Club, just shows their craving
for a normal, competitive sporting environment and all that it offers. During this time boys have been able to involve themselves in a broader spectrum of
opportunities and one hopes that they are picking up different interests and skills, whilst learning a bit about themselves along the way.

Some really exciting news is that Martin Wolmarans has been included in the South African Senior Youth Swimming Squad, and Oliva Lange in the Junior Youth
Squad, in recognition of their efforts in the pool over the past season. Both boys could now be called up for national camps and youth events in the new season.
This is a wonderful opportunity for these boys and we wish them every success at this level.

Whilst we seem to be in the thick of the pandemic here in South Africa at the moment, it was always going to get worse before it got better. Hopefully we are close to turning the corner and that things will improve slowly and steadily with time. It has been so good to be able to watch some live sport, albeit mostly without spectators, but even so, the rugby, football, golf, motor racing and now cricket, have added value to the lives of those who enjoy watching and following live sport.

I urge all of us to remain patient, sensible, healthy and strong as we navigate our way through these challenges. Wake up every day and consider all the things that we can be grateful for and intentionally look for the positive in every situation. We will all find that by doing so we will enrich our own lives and those of the people around us.