News from The Cawse Library - St Andrew's College

News from The Cawse Library

Choose Boarding at St Andrew’s College
Jul 10, 2020
The Interact Club Winter Drive initiative
Jul 13, 2020

News from The Cawse Library

The Cawse Library is slowly getting its soul back, and thank you to our Covid-19 compliant Champions – Nicholas Venter and Olwethu Pule who have been hard at work since their return to school.

Olwethu Pule assisted the Cawse Library in setting up a “Book quarantine site”. This is a great way to educate the College boys on how to return books into specific boxes on specific days without endangering the rest of the library community.

Nicholas Venter has been hard at work helping the librarians with the technical setup of the Information Literacy classes and strategising for the future of this
space. He is in charge of everything technical in the Cawse Library.

Thank you to the boys of St Andrew’s College who help make the library such a vibrant space by just being themselves. The Cawse Library saw a most successful RAP Day with 21 boys and a number of Tutors making use of the space.