The Outdoor Club visits The Shack - St Andrew's College

The Outdoor Club visits The Shack

Third installment of the Open Mic series
Jul 3, 2020
Grade 8 History
Jul 3, 2020

The Outdoor Club visits The Shack

This past weekend myself and three pupils (according to Covid-19 regulations) were able to enjoy a weekend away at the College Shack, for all three it would be
their first ever trip to the shack and one they took full advantage of. We arrived at the shack just as the sun was setting and after offloading we wasted no time getting to the beach in search of some fish. After a number of frustrating moments where the boys would be on but not able to set the hook, Alex Griffin managed to bag us a nice shad which we enjoyed later on the coals. We continued to fish until we all became a bit cold and thought it best to return to the comfort of the shack, a warm fire and some hot chocolate.

On Saturday morning we were up early as to make the most of our opportunity while the weather was still playing its part. The morning was enjoyed throwing
spoons on some light tackle where Rupert Kretzschmar had the most success, he caught and released two shad and 1 blacktail. Around 9am we made the switch
to bait and had moderate success, again it was Rupert who had the catch of the day landing a Gully Shark of about 5kg. We happened to catch a nice shad just prior to lunch and decided that fish nuggets would make a great meal. The boys got to work with a batter and a homemade dipping sauce and before we knew it our nuggets were ready to be enjoyed.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and we were confined to the shack for the majority of our remaining time. The boys did make the most of
the situation by playing cards (social distantly), spending time around the fire and getting to know more about the history of the shack by reading reports in the log book. As our time came to an end and we packed up, I was pleased to hear all the positive comments from the three boys as it was now their turn to write in the log book and share how they enjoyed the time at the shack. It’s always a pleasure to get boys down their and we hope to take another group soon.

Ryan Dewey