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Sport at College

Grade 8 History
Jul 3, 2020
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Jul 7, 2020

Sport at College

The weekly exercise programme continues to grow and is getting good support from the boys. There are regular opportunities for boys to get out and exercise
and to work on their skills in various areas. Staff have been very good in developing innovative ways of engaging the boys in strictly supervised environments
where they are able to get good exercise outdoors, whilst working on their various basic skill sets.

This past weekend saw plenty of activity, despite the very windy conditions. With the RAP day on Monday it was decided to replicate the Saturday programme
on the Monday in order to encourage boys to get out and about. Boys were able to make a different choice for each of these days and it seemed to have the
desired effect.

This week we have seen the addition of archery skills along with squash skills to the offering of exercise options. The growing number of options available
to the boys means that there should be something that provides an enjoyable and rewarding exercise option for everyone. We encourage all boys to keep
up their enthusiasm and motivation. Whilst there is no real prospect of any inter-school sport this term, we hope that something may become possible as we
move into next term.