Grade 8 History - St Andrew's College

Grade 8 History

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Jul 3, 2020
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Jul 3, 2020

Grade 8 History

The Grade 8 boys enjoyed being out of the classroom for their History lesson this week. They were tasked with uncovering a lost History through a treasure hunt
in the Thomas Mapikela Debating Chamber.

The boys were great about keeping their online group members on video WhatsApp calls during the task. Social distancing requirements meant that they
could not all be in the room at the same time so they took turns to rush in and out of the Chamber to take information to the rest of their group waiting outside.

There was an intense race at the end with the winning group enjoying a tray of brownies for meeting the criteria of both factual accuracy and speed. A lively
discussion of the stories of the boys of the Anglican Institution followed.

Many of these boys grew up to became giants in the political life of South Africa and so the significance of the Anglican Institution and the boys who lived and
learnt there is not lost on our College Grade 8s of 2020.