Inter-House Fitness Challenge (Week 3) - St Andrew's College

Inter-House Fitness Challenge (Week 3)

United by K-Day 2020 Challenge
June 16, 2020
Senior Open Concert
June 16, 2020
United by K-Day 2020 Challenge
June 16, 2020
Senior Open Concert
June 16, 2020

Inter-House Fitness Challenge (Week 3)

We have now completed three inter-house fitness challenges with the last one being the 1 min maximum push up challenge. As is evident, Upper House has been dominant both in terms of participation and performance, but this last challenge saw the other houses making some ground up in terms of performance. The challenge for this week is the two – minute maximum squats challenge and all boys are encouraged to participate. The results for last week saw Armstrong on top, with Upper and Merriman in tie 2nd, whilst the overall results see Upper holding onto 1st place, with Graham and Arnstrong tie 2nd , Merriman in 4th, Mullins in 5th and Espin in 6th place.




 1st           Upper              82%       6pts

2nd       Armstrong       80%     5pts

3rd        Mullins            63%     4pts

4th        Merriman         55%     3pts

5th        Graham           55%     2pts

6th        Espin               38%     1pt


Average score (top 5 in each grade):

 1st         Armstrong      44.7     6pts

2nd        Merriman        42.2     5pts

3rd        Espin               37.7     4pts

4th        Graham           36.6     3pts

5th        Upper              36.5     2pts

6th          Mullins            36.2     1pt


Overall: Week 3

 1st           Armstrong       11pts

2nd       Upper                 8pts

Merriman          8pts

4th          Mullins             5pts

Graham             5pts

Espin                 5pts


Running Total: after 3 events

 1st        Upper              32 pts

2nd       Graham            24pts

Armstrong       24pts

4th        Merriman         18,5pts

5th          Mullins            18pts

6th        Espin               9,5pts