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Open Mic

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May 28, 2020
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May 29, 2020

Open Mic

As we adapt to these strange and unusual times, we are faced with many challenges. However, it is with great tenacity that the pupils of St Andrew’s College and DSG have met these challenges. The Inter-House Open Mic Series continues to be a platform in which the pupils can express and show off what they have been working on from within their homes while keeping the school spirit alive.

Each episode provides an insight into how the different components within the Arts are excelling during these times and it is amazing to witness what the pupils have achieved. Episode 2 of the Open Mic Series, which was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube last night, was another astounding success and portrays the creativity and hard work across the Arts by showcasing Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design. Such a varied response from the pupils across the Arts is most welcome and provides a special opportunity for us all to share in this unique experience of creativity.

While the pupils have not had the opportunity to see each other face to face since the commencement of the lockdown, this online platform proves extremely relevant in encouraging the pupils to remain positive and to encourage and support their peers from wherever they may currently be situated. It also provides an important opportunity for the performers and artists to showcase Ethan John Timothy Nasasira their talents to the wider community as opposed to a live event where exposure is limited to those present. This creates an interesting perspective on how future Open Mic Events should continue to strive towards the exposure of the incredible talent that is clearly evident within our Schools.