Leadership Honours - Philip Beynon - St Andrew's College

Leadership Honours – Philip Beynon

Quotes from this Assembly guests
May 29, 2020
The Interact Club Winter Drive
June 3, 2020
Quotes from this Assembly guests
May 29, 2020
The Interact Club Winter Drive
June 3, 2020

Leadership Honours – Philip Beynon

Philip exemplifies servant leadership. He has a quiet and determined manner, which is backed up with a solid faith
and belief system and, as such, is a fantastic role model. Philip has been a leader in a variety of spheres at College
since he arrived as a new boy in 2016. It is, however, over the course of the last two years that Philip has excelled in
various formal leadership roles.

Philip shows admirable restraint and conscious leadership in the context of the Alchemists Society. He reads social
nuance accurately and would hold his own in any leadership position in any school in the country. On the school prefect body, Philip has been active in providing support to the Head of School in order to steer St Andrew’s College in the right direction in terms of its core values.

Philip is the van der Riet Prefect on top of being the acting Head of House for most of Michaelmas Term in 2019 and
the Easter Term of 2020. In van der Riet Lodge, he has put systems in place that have allowed the Grade 8s to adapt
quickly and more easily to the rigours of boarding as new boys, and which have already been adopted by some other Houses. In essence, he has provided them with the consistency and structure which they so desperately need.
He is consistent and rational in his dealing with the boys and sets the highest standards for both himself and the
boys in the dormitory.

As the acting Head of House, Philip has asked the right questions of the boys, and the results of the Term speak
for themselves. Graham House had fantastic participation in most Inter-House activities in the Easter Term and the
academic focus was simply excellent, not only in van der Riet Lodge but throughout the House. Philip (along with
the leadership team) has done most of this on his own and not through instruction or expectations but because
of what he believes a leader has to do.

Philip has played an integral role in the Environmental Club over the past three years. In particular, he started an
initiative in his Grade 10 year to monitor and report food wastage with the aim of raising awareness and reducing
wastage. This was in the process of being developed further in term 1 this year, before we went into shutdown.

He has also been extremely proactive in his role in the Chapel Choir, and as such, was voted in as Head Chorister.
He has taken the initiative in keeping discipline, taking the register and helping the younger choristers with their
parts. It is clear that Philip loves the choir and he does everything in his power to make choir fun and successful
for all his peers. He is also a key member of the Wind Orchestra in which he plays the trombone, and he is a consummate artist and a voracious reader.

Philip loves plants and gardens, and the image of Philip lovingly tending his garden at home encapsulates this
extraordinary young man. As with a gardener, a servant of nature, much of what he does goes unnoticed, until it
bursts into bloom. And then it is the gardener’s creation, not the gardener, that receives the attention.

Philip has earned the respect and admiration of boys and staff alike through his sincerity, his pursuit of excellence,
and never seeking acknowledgement or reward for his actions. St Andrew’s College is a considerably better
place for having Philip as one of its sons, and it is right, proper and well-deserved that he be awarded Leadership