Upper House Cooking contest - St Andrew's College

Upper House Cooking contest

Tribute to Frank Simpson
May 22, 2020
Assembly Webinar at 17h00 on Wednesday 27 May
May 27, 2020

Upper House Cooking contest

An exciting and well supported event has drawn to a close. There were 43 entrants in the three different categories,
with boys, parents and staff being allowed to choose to enter a starter, main course, or dessert. Under the critical
and knowledgeable eye of Mr Laurence Christie, who scored the dishes prepared on originality, difficulty and
presentation, the scores in all categories were really close.

Some entrants did not fully comply with the instructions and Mr Christie also took this into account in his final
assessment. Many thanks to all who made the effort to participate, there were certainly some remarkable dishes

The winners in the various categories were as follows:

Starter Winner: Ross Nagel (Asian Seared Tuna)
Starter Runner-up: Luke Rowley (Salmon, Tuna, Tempura Prawn Sushi Roll)
Main Winner: Josh Chester (Gannahoek Homegrown Smoked Black Wildebeest Steak)
Main Runner-up: Matthew Hoggarth (Matt’s Moms Curry)
Dessert Winner: Benjamin Bowker (Ben’s Trio of Decadence)
Dessert Runner-up: Murray Bowker (Chocolate Dessert with Caramelised Peanut Ice-Cream and an Orange Tuile)

Starter Winner: Helloise Binedell (Cucumber Salmon Rolls)
Starter Runner-up: Arj Swears (Cheese and Sweetcorn Cob Loaf Dipper)
Main Winner: Marilise Norval (Paella, Rustic Bread and Green Salad)
Main Runner-up: Helloise Binedell (Mexican Zucchini Boats)
Dessert Winner: Rob Nagel (Pancake Blues)
Dessert Runner-up: Helloise Binedell (Chia Seed Pudding)