Music Festival 2020 - St Andrew's College

Music Festival 2020

A message from the Chaplain
May 22, 2020
Tribute to Frank Simpson
May 22, 2020

Music Festival 2020

This year was to have been the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Music Festival, which has involved approximately
100 entrants each year. The events of 2020 did not allow us to celebrate the 10th anniversary – however, after much
deliberation, we decided to continue with the Festival online. Understandably, we received fewer entries than
usual, but we are proud of the fact that most of the performers featured were from St Andrew’s College, DSG,
and St Andrew’s Prep. On Monday evening at 19h00 the event premiered on our social media platforms, and also
included performances by pupils from Victoria Primary School, St Alban’s College in Pretoria and Richard Varha
High School in King William’s Town. Congratulations and thank you to Mr Johan Pretorius and Mr Stephen Penney
for the work they put into organising the Festival, and well done to our pupils who performed outstandingly. We are
very proud of all of you!

In Case you Missed it please follow the link to the Music Festival

New on YouTube St Andrew’s College and DSG Wind Orchestra