Inter-House Open Mic - St Andrew's College

Inter-House Open Mic

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May 15, 2020
Online Music Festival
May 15, 2020

Inter-House Open Mic

This Term we are excited to launch our online Inter-House Open Mic Series. We are accepting video submissions from across the Arts including Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry and Design.

Each video submission will earn a house point towards the Inter-House Arts Final which will be held online, live on the 5 August 2020 at 7 pm. The first episode of the Inter-House Open Mic Series was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube on Thursday 14 May and was a huge success with an enormous response from the pupils. It is inspiring to witness the creativity and passion the pupils have for the arts, and what they are able to achieve from within their homes during these difficult times.

These events have the aim of being completely pupil driven with little or no help from teachers. The purpose
is to create a free space for the pupils to voice their own expression and to allow them to try new things without
fear of judgement. It takes incredible bravery to make oneself so vulnerable, especially online for the world to
see, and for that each and every entrant can be highly commended.

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