10 Minute Burpie Challenge - St Andrew's College

10 Minute Burpie Challenge

Freedom Day 2020
Apr 27, 2020
A message from the Second Master
May 7, 2020

10 Minute Burpie Challenge

On Saturday the St Andrew’s Rugby Club participated in another physical challenge. This time The Isuzu Southern Kings, Pearson High School and Kingswood joined us. The challenge was to perform as many Burpees as possible in 10 minutes. The participants had to do the challenge between 10am – 11am. Once again the response from the College boys was excellent and their commitment levels inspiring.

A total of 95 College boys took part.

The combined total of Burpees for the College boys was 10 717

Top Team – Hawks
Top individuals – Miles Bowden, Lethu Ntshangase, Luke Rowley and Liam Little

Special mention – Jotham Moremi who has averaged in the top 20 individual performances in all challenges and his team (U16Cs) hasn’t been involved yet. On that note we have had a number of requests from College boys to be part of this. This is always welcome, we have reached out to our C coaches and lower to start including ALL our teams. This is a sign of the strength of the club and the excellent examples being set by the leadership. This also wouldn’t be possible without the positive support from the families, KEEP ON KEEPING ON.