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Apr 20, 2020
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Apr 20, 2020

Congratulations to Brady Armstrong who has joined Team C. I. T Husqvarna Off-Road Racing.

Below is a question and answer session with Brady and the Team:

When did you start riding?
I started riding at the age of 4. I am from Botswana and have competed in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, USA and Zimbabwe. I used to mainly race motocross but two years ago I switched to off-road racing. I have won 4 National Motocross championships. I’ve competed in the Botswana desert race 1000km twice doing very well however did not finish the full 1000km due to mechanical issues. I have competed in several GXCC events last year in the OR3 pro class with a best finish in 3rd place. I have represented my country for motocross in several different classes for 5 years.

What class will you be racing in & on what machine?
I am 18 years old and will be racing in the OR1 pro class on a 2020 FX 450 Husqvarna. This is my first year on the 450 and I’m excited to learn from the top riders and make my way up there.

Why move to #CITHusqvarna?
I recently switched from Yamaha to Husqvarna and I believe that CIT is a great Husqvarna team with really good riders and team support. I am very excited and happy to have this opportunity to race for them.

What are your future goals?
The big goal is to compete in the Dakar rally in 2022. We are working closely with the HT rally raid Husqvarna team in the Netherlands preparing me for the Dakar. I went to Saudi Arabia as an observer to watch the 2020 Dakar rally and it was an eye-opener. I’m currently completing my matric year at St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown/Makhanda and later in the year when I get a chance the plan is to race a Dakar qualifier.