Symbol 2020: Special Edition - St Andrew's College

Symbol 2020: Special Edition

Reset your focus during lockdown
Apr 6, 2020
Apr 8, 2020

Symbol 2020: Special Edition

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.”

Susan Sontag

As the World changes before our eyes, submissions are warmly invited for a special edition of Symbol.

Symbol has traditionally been a publication of poetry and creative writing for the boys of St Andrew’s College and the girls of The Diocesan School for Girls.

As we approach the second week of a national lockdown, it is becoming more and more apparent that we are living through a significant global event. With this in mind, we are inviting pupils, teachers, staff, old boys and girls, parents and indeed anyone with any kind of connection to either St Andrew’s College or The Diocesan School for Girls to submit a poem or a piece of creative writing at the link below:

Why? Well, the compiled anthology will (hopefully) have three major outcomes:

  1. A sample of fine writing which can be read and enjoyed later on.
  2. A historical record of an important time in our schools’ lives.
  3. A means for individuals to engage with their surroundings and times through the process of writing.

What can you write about? Anything at all! Just because we will be writing during a time of upheaval does not mean that our writing or poetry needs to be about it. Of course, if you want to write about something linked to this time, then that will be absolutely fine.

I encourage anyone reading this, firstly, to submit a poem or piece of prose and, secondly, to share the link with others.

Submissions will close at the end of August 2020, but submit as the creative juices start to flow!