Lockdown - Messages from College pupils - St Andrew's College

Lockdown – Messages from College pupils

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Apr 1, 2020
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Apr 3, 2020

Lockdown – Messages from College pupils

Jonathan Shamwana – Head of School

The Covid-19 pandemic arrived very abruptly and at a far greater magnitude than many of us were expecting. This
has caused plethora complications in South Africa and the rest of the world — a big one of those being the formal
education system. However, I’m very grateful that it hasn’t had too drastic of an impact on my personal education.
Although there is something categorically different about being in the physical presence of my teachers and peers,
I’m finding alternative ways of working every single day. Google Classroom, WhatsApp, Skype and other platforms
make seeking the necessary help very convenient, and being at home means breaking procrastination is only
one change of scenery away, whether that be from bedroom to dining room, or dining room to garden.

Joshua Pretorius, Grade 9

One day I was rushing to class at College and the next day I was sitting at home at the dining room table logging onto
Google Classroom, being in contact with my teachers via email and chatting to classmates around the world on
WhatsApp (about the history project that none of us had submitted yet!) The Corona virus has changed the way
we do everyday things in the world, and will continue to impact many people and lives around us. We are
washing our hands excessively, and we have all gone into lockdown and can’t leave our homes for the next 21 days
at least. Through all this, very little has changed for me around my education as I am constantly being sent new
assignments and worksheets and material for my subjects. It’s sometimes hard to sit on your own all day, but I have
learnt to just get it done and get on with it. With all the negatives going on around us, our school is preparing us
and providing us with the necessary skills and information we need for the technological future that awaits us …

Matthew Gouws, Grade 9

I am in Johannesburg as we are witnessing history, the first time our democracy is going into full lockdown. This
is quite daunting, but it gives the opportunity for us to learn a new skill, catch up on sleep or even get our school
work done. We are continuing with school as planned, using Google Classroom. I have received work for all
my subjects including Design. This for me has been the most interesting subject to do online as we have been
learning Edu Sketchup and plan to design a perfume or cologne bottle which can later be 3D printed once we
are back at school. My teachers have made videos of themselves teaching, which is almost as good as the real
thing because there aren’t as many in-class distractions. Of course I do miss the face to face interactions with staff
and most of all my mates. This whole online class is very different, demanding independence and self-motivation
but effective nevertheless. I’m missing school, the sport, the laughs, the fun, rush and even the food! I’m doing last
minute shopping to get a hitting net and mat to practice golf, I am also running up and down the driveway and
using various things as weights to stay in shape for rugby season. Stay safe, stay active and enjoy the family time.